Sybil Starr Productions was established in 2005 for Ms. Sybil Starr to create the type of entertainment that she herself enjoys. Sybil is an avid fan of Wonder Woman, fighting, fantastically dramatic death scenes, pro wrestling, strong-sexy-skilled-smart women (often in distress), boxing, stylized fighting and violence, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, fantasy matches, cat fights, Judo, amateur wrestling, pirates, underground female fighting, rubber cat suits, mixed wrestling/fighting, GLOW, spandex, girls with guns, leotards and dance wear, ninjas, nylons, shiny tights, monkeys, nylon puffa, superheroes, dark art, campy scenarios and zombies.

Sybil Starr Productions takes pride in the quality of our guerrilla production studio and continually strives to make better and better quality entertainment/content for all of our websites/shows/pictures.

Sybil Starr Productions can also offer you these services:
We also have wrestlers/models who can work your events/photo shoots/video shoots, etc
A Web Design/Video Production team that can produce your website and commercials for your business/page.
An award winning photographer on staff for your portfolio/website/event needs.

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